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Feather touch Brows, also know as Microblading is a manual form of cosmetic tattooing that uses a hand tool with pins to implant pigment just underneath the surface of the skin. Micro stroke are used to mimic hair strokes to give a natural looking eyebrow.

The pigments used are of the highest quality, organic and vegan.

And all tool used during the procedure are hygienic and disposed of after every client. 

Our approach to Feather touch Brows is that it should enhance your natural beauty and not look like an obvious tattoo. 


A 30 minute consultation is required before your Feather touch appointment to discuss what to expect during the procedure, brow shape and colour, skin health and after care instructions.

Two appointments are required to create your new Feather touch Brows. Your initial appointment that can take up to 2.5 hours and a Perfecting sessions 6 weeks later allow 1.5 hours. Retention will vary depending on skin type, skin care used and after care instructions followed.

How to prepare for your appointment:

Leave waxing and tinting leading up to your appointment

Please arrive with the way you usually pencil in your brows (if you do this)

Inform us of any medical conditions and have any a medical certificate if required

Stop any active skin care 2 weeks prior to your appointment

No injectables 4 - 6 weeks either side of your appointment

No not take aspirin, ibuprofen or Vitamin E 24 hours before appointment

Do not consume alcohol 24 hours before appointment 

Feather touch Brows are not suitable for you if you:

Are Pregnant or Breast feeding

Under the age of 25

Taking Medication

Have any medical conditions

Have any skin conditions

Prone to keloid scaring

Have severe allergies


Consultation $50 - Redeemable on procedure

Initial Feather touch Session $400

Perfecting session $150

Contact us for more information


Jess is a registered nurse with 10 years' experience. Jess is passionate about helping you achieve your cosmetic goals. Her attention to detail and caring personality will assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

1 x Treatment Area $200

2 x Treatment Areas $380

3 x Treatment Areas $500

Small Areas $50

Dermal Filler

Cheek Filler 1ml $550

Cheek Filler 2ml $990

Lip Filler 1ml $420


CIT or Skin Needling is a non invasive treatment that works with the bodies natural healing processes to help increase your own natural collagen production. Fine needles create micro-wounds into the deeper layers of the skin triggering the body to create collagen to heal it self. 

CIT treatment includes skin needling procedure and LED to help increase collagen production and help the healing process. Treatment also includes a follow up appointment 4-5 days post CIT treatment to access your skins natural healing ability and enjoy our post CIT lift off treatment to get rid of those dry, flakey cells that have been in overdrive.

Best results are seen 4 - 6 weeks after the CIT procedure but continue to improve over 12 months.

CIT benefits include;

  • Excellent for acne scar reduction

  • Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduce of pore size

  • Smooth texture & elasticity of the skin

  • Improved skin tone

  • Pigmentation and scar improvement (not just face – body too including stretch marks)

  • Overall general rejuvenation for healthy skin

  • Enhanced product absorption

First time CIT treatment 75 mins    $300

Ongoing CIT treatments 60 min  $250


Natural Make Up Application with Dermaiduals Deco Mineral Make Up.

Book in a Deco Touch Up after your Treatment 

$30 OR Free with Deco purchase


Customised colour matching Dermavidulas Deco Foundation created to exactly match your skin tone - complementary with Deco Foundation purchase $89. Book an appointment for your colour match - 30 mins

This skin loving make up actually treats your skin and is an extension of your skin care. Contains only nutritious ingredients for your skin such as Vitamins C, E & Jojoba. This amazing foundation is jammed packed with antioxidants and will help improve hydration, elasticity and strengthen your skin.


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