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SIREN (n.) the original coastal seductress.


Named after the sea nymphs in Greek mythology who used their seductive music and singing to lure sailors to rocky coasts where they became shipwrecked.  


RASP soaps contain a variety of plant-derived base oils that together create a creamy and sumptuous lather.  SIREN contains calming Lavender Essential Oil and Pink Clay to gently care for your skin.

SIREN Handmade Soap

  • All RASP handmade soaps are made with pure Bass Strait seawater.


    INGREDIENTS: olive oil, bass strait seawater, coconut oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, lavender essential oil, pink clay and sodium lactate.


    NB. As our soaps are handcrafted there can be slight variances in colour, texture and scent from batch to batch.

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