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Connecting… the Essential Oil blend for Now

Aromatherapy is not new and throughout history the plant kingdom has given of itself to heal, beautify and sanctify life’s significant events. 

For most of us the allure of fragrance is associated with beauty and beautiful things, which of course, is exemplified in the art of Mothering.  

 Created especially for Skintuition, this Mother’s Day Signature Blend is designed to celebrate, support and sanctify Mothers in the dawning of a new world. 

While the world is on hold we are conscious of our need to re-assess identity, needs and compassion for ourselves and for Mother Earth. 

Connecting… salutes the collective consciousness in this time of change:  soothing ragged emotions; calming weary spirits; supporting new  challenges and celebrating the beauty of ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. 

Antiviral and immune-building, the preparation of Ravensara, Lavender, Orange and Geranium sets us on our new journey with joyfulness and security. 

Connecting... is the elixir of hope, progress, joy and balance. 

Connecting… is dedicated to all Mothers and mature women holding the space while the Earth recalibrates as a place of Peace and Freedom for all. 

Connecting Blend

  • Ravensara Essential Oil

    Sweet Orange Essential Oil

    Geranium Essentail Oil

    Lavender Essential Oil

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