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Do you love essential oils? Do you have a heap of them but don’t really know what or how to use them? Are you completely new to the world of essential oils and curious to know how they can help you?

Would you like to learn how to incorporate oils into your life to help support you & your family?


A 90 minute in depth consultation with Brenda Addie a qualified Aromatherapist with over 30 years experience and offers a non biased, non product aligned consultation. She can work with what you already have and help give you a greater understanding of the healing power of the oils.


Aromatherapy Online! offers a personal consultation culminating with essential oil recommendations and specific 'how-to-use' instructions.

Consultation by appointment via Skype, Zoom, Face Time for a SKINTUITION Special Price of $20 per session.


For anyone unemployed or really struggling, I have 10 subsidised places at $10 and I’m also accepting a PAY WHAT CAN OPTION: $1 is totally OK - I do not want anyone with a need to be excluded. For The Good Of All Concerned.



You can book direct with Brenda by email or get in contact with me and I can pass along your details


$60.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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