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A holistic bodywork treatment is more than a's an experience.

Massage is only part of the integrative approach that an Aroha bodywork treatment encompasses.

An Aroha Bodywork treatment uses the senses of touch, sight, smell and hearing to create an experience to heal, reenergise and transform your body and your life. 
At Aroha Wellness we offer the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Bodywork or the De Mousgraffe Method for your treatments.

Both options work on the body, mind, emotions and spirit to leave you feeling centred, whole and rejuvenated. 

For all treatments the following is included:

  • Holistic bodywork aka holistic massage

  • Energy healing/alignment 

  • Bespoke aromatherapy

  • Intuitive messages to guide your self healing

See below for more details on the bodywork available.


A luxurious hot oil bodywork treatment originating from Hawaii.
This unique bodywork is underpinned by the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna.


A fundamental assumption of Huna is that everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love.  Lomi Lomi uses this principal and the power of breath and intention, to heal and restore the body back to it's natural, fluid state.


A characteristic of Lomi Lomi, is its long flowing strokes simultaneously under and over the body, aiding to relax and release old tension (both physical and mental) stored in the body.  This also works to unblock and allow the flow of life-force in the recipient.


This 'loving hands' massage is a transformative massage that is highly effective at relieving stress especially during transitional periods of your life.

We only use organic coconut oil for this bodywork, along with essential oils for aromatherapy treatment included in your treatment.


The De Mousgraffe Method is an aromatherapy, remedial style massage originating in New Zealand and was developed by the late Rosa De Mousgraff, a gifted healer and therapist.


Her technique encompasses many different healing therapies including: thai-yoga and swedish massage techniques, acupressure, skeletal alignment, fascial and muscle tension release, reflexology, chakra balancing, auric healing, meridian clearing and polarity work.  Plus her work draws heavily on aromatherapy and the healing power of essential oils.


This holistic approach leaves an overwhelming sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and balance in the body physically, emotionally and energetically.


The De Mousgraffe method would suit those who want a more focussed massage on specific areas of need and for those who are after a more traditional style of massage but with all the holistic 'extras' included in an Aroha Bodywork treatment.


We believe in the power of touch to heal the body!  We offer two styles of massage: Full Body Relaxation Massage -  to let go of your every day stresses; and Full Body Deep Tissue Massage - to alleviate pain and tension from your body.

Each appointment will begin with a postural assessment, as well as a short discussion about your history, focus and goals for your treatment. Every treatment is personalised and tailored to suit you.



Also known as Swedish Massage, relaxation massage is a whole body treatment that aims to promote relaxation, balance the nervous system, ease general muscle tension, increase blood
flow and encourage lymphatic drainage and bolster the immune system.

Gliding and kneading strokes alongside light to firm pressure is used to leave you feeling nurtured and completely serene.


Bespoke essential oils may be used to inspire healing in whatever way you need it; mind, body or spirit.


Deep Tissue massage can be applied to target connective tissue, and both superficial and deeper muscle structures.

Deep Tissue is often used to target problems areas by promoting
blood flow, and releasing contracted areas of muscle and tissue. While the pressure can be tailored to the client’s wishes, a stronger pressure is applied to access deeper structures.

This technique may bring relief from discomfort related to delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS), overuse, straining or long hours spent sitting or standing, as well as increase blood flow and mobility.


Body Tarot is the art of listening to the body for it's messages and wisdom. Let Nik tune into the energy of your body and identify what is stopping you from moving forward in your life in this unique psychic reading. 


With gentle movement and energetic re-patterning your blocks will be removed so you can live a life that is full of freedom, flow and happiness. 

During a Body Tarot session Nik will guide you through a deep meditation to let you become aware of your body.


Then, together you will explore some simple movements to identify the blocks in your life.


Nik will then craft a unique movement and energetic pattern plus affirmation to assist you to move the blocks so that you can live a life that is free & fun!

For all sessions the following is included:

  • A Body Tarot reading - what is going on with your life at the present moment and blocking the flow

  • A gentle and effective energy healing and alignment to assist block removal.

  • A personalised gentle movement meditation and affirmation to help alleviate blocks and positively re-pattern your subconscious.

  • Essential oil suggestions and other supportive tools to assist your flow.

Body Tarot is offered as a 60-minute comprehensive 1:1 online consultation via zoom or in person. 
Click below to book in an online session or a session at the

Aroha Wellness Centre.

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